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Adventures in Manifesting: Health and Happiness


What are you Manifesting? This powerful book created by Sean Patrick Simpson and Sarah Prout, shares 31 inspiring stories that actively demonstrate the art of manifesting health and happiness. Written by individuals from all walks of life and transcending all possible limitations, it shares wisdom, insight and teachings of how to achieve your greatest desires. Whether through the experience of dis-ease to wellness or discovering the power of gratitude, language patterns and self love - this book has been crafted for you to connect with every chapter.
Featuring authors Dr. Joe Vitale and Loral Langemeier from The Secret, bestselling authors Dr. Marilyn Joyce, Andreas Moritz, plus many more - these soul inspiring manifestation stories will show you the secret to health and happiness.

If you've been looking for the best of the law of attraction teachings or the best of self help, then Adventures in Manifesting will have you pleasantly surprised. By going beyond your every day motivational stories and positive thinking tools, the series will act as a vibrant guide for your own life and journey.

Just as Jack Canfields Chicken Soup for the Soul series brought inspiration to millions... And just as Rhonda Byrne's the Secret and the Power introduced a new understanding of metaphysical teachings to the world... The Adventures in Manifesting series will have you engaged from beginning to end as it awakens a new light of hope, inspiration and joy within you.

Through authentic examples of how to create a life you love, this book will show you how to manifest your dreams to reality filled with the most beautiful and vibrant health and happiness.